All children attending Little Explorers Nursery and Pre-school have a personal on-line Learning Journal.

A Learning Journal is where we collect observations and photographs of the individual children; and then use this information to plan appropriate activities based on the children’s learning and development and links to the EYFS.

We use a system called ‘Tapestry’. This system is hosted in the UK on dedicated secure servers. These servers conform to very high safety standards and are proactively managed by a central security team. The safeguarding of our children is very important to us, and everything added to Tapestry will be added to our settings account and can only be viewed by authorised staff that use the system and yourselves using your own log in details.

Your child’s individual account

Each child will have their own individual account set up for you to access; where you can comment on new entries and even add your own. This part of the program is particularly good, especially for any parents working away or in the services.

Then finally, when your child is ready to leave and move to their next journey, we will convert their record to a PDF so that you can keep their record. Your child’s journey will also be transferred to their new school if they also use Tapestry.

Information on the policy and setting up the account as well as consent forms will be given to you by your child’s key person.